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Ebay is currently down. See the screenshot. Is this happening all over the world and on all ebay domains?

Watch the Teila Tequila Sex Tape! Tila Tequila is a whore that needs help. Watch her slop all over cock !

Montana Fishburne is a perfect example of a young rich college slut that has daddy problems. As you probably know, her father is the famous actor Laurence Fishburne. You know… the guy in the Matrix movie! The Montana Fishburne sex tape is one of the most amazing and naughty sex tapes ever. She is obviously thirsty for attention and sperm.

Kim Kardashian is a “slide”. Everyone in the industry has gone down her after they have climbed the social ladder. It is apparent in the Kim Kardashian Sex tape with Ray J that she is a lady in the sheets but a whore in the sheets. Today she is married to Kanye West, but in the recent past, she was an attention grubbing rapper groupie slut that made the Kim Kardashian sex tape in order to rise the ranks to celebrity status. If you watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape, you will be amazed at the past she has tried tried to hide.

As you probably know have heard on blogs and on “Love and Hip hop”, Mimi Faust is a hoe, a strumpet or as many people are calling it now adays.. A “Love and Hiphop smutt”. It is clear as day she has a need for sperm that not many women exhibit. Simply said she is a scallywag cum whore with no respect for herself. The proof exist all through the Mimi Faust sex tape with Nikko.

Say what!!  The future is full of Fake booty? In a new video by Basement Jaxx for his new song “Never say Never” the video hoe, so to speak, is a twerking robot. Let s call it, Twerkbot ?  Although she’s missing her head(some fellas might think this an improvement on the female form) this Robot put’s

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers released pictures of a trio of men that stripped down to their underwear to steal hamburgers and bell peppers from Doc s Beach House. Their hope is that the public can help identify the men being called the Bonita Springs brief bandits . There s gotta be a deeper story here because according to the

Robert Durst is a wealthy New York City real estate heir that was once acquitted of murdering of a Galveston man. He got off on self-defense after chopping his friend up into pieces, putting those pieces in a plastic bags, and then dumping those bags into the Galveston Bay. This time, he turned himself in to

If there s one thing you can t deny about Jim Boeheim, it s that the man knows basketball. I mean, he has the 2nd most wins of any coach in college basketball, is an assistant coach for the US Olympic team, and he played basketball at Syracuse before he became a coach. During a recent visit to

What s the best thing that Ivy-league students can do for, the country, and themselves? According to former Yale University Professor William Deresiewicz, who taught at the school from 1998 to 2008, the best thing they could do transfer to a public university. In a piece titled “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League”, which was published

Charles Reilly, a former Camden County NJ councilman  and school teacher has admittedly engaged  in inappropriate sexual conversation with seventeen 12-16 year old boys at the school he taught at. Reilly will be sentenced  today after pleading guilty to charges of official misconduct, child endangerment and attempted child endangerment. Prosecutors have stated  that Charles  Reilly asked

Over a month ago, we headed to Bonnaroo barely prepared and with our friends questioning our sanity. Ye of little faith! With our tent secured just the night before and a car rented a good 2 hours prior to hitting the road, we set out from NYC to The Farm not really knowing what to

Car rental agencies located  near Denver International Airport have been overloaded with marijuana left in the cars by customers. It seems like the renters were either too high to remember that they had more weed left to smoke or just too paranoid to try  to get the trees past the TSA. Instead of leaving the

An 84 year old man was found alive in the wilderness. Donald Combs, from Sauquoit, in Central NY near Hamilton College, reportedly left a note for his family last week stating that he would be gone for a day or two as he was going hiking in the Adirondacks. Specifically, he said he would be going

C mon we all know someone that s enjoys playing with fire a little too much. A Seattle man, and his mother, had to flee from their rental home because he accidentally set the house on fire. Unlike most adults, he didn t start a fire by burning breakfast or forgetting to turn a burner off. What was